From his Private Studio in Yonkers, NY, Jonathan Faiman teaches piano, composition and music theory and coaches musical theater, opera and song repertoire.

Highlights of his background include:

• Diversified college-teaching experience

• Over 20 years of experience teaching solo and class piano at all levels

• Over 15 years of experience teaching classes in music theory, music history, aural skills and chamber music

• DMA in Piano Performance as a student of Leon Fleisher

• International experience as solo and collaborative pianist in live and recorded settings


“When I teach one-on-one, I get to know the student closely enough to allow me to discover how to customize the method of imparting whatever knowledge or insight I may have on a particular subject.  I communicate clearly and inspire a general mood of curiosity so that discussions can be interesting, no matter what the subject. Every lesson is most satisfactory when the student asks questions – the ideal teaching situation is when I may be temporarily stumped by a question. Thus, we learn to think, be resourceful and collaborate to find good answers. This, in turn, allows me to become a better teacher. Finally, at the end of a set of lessons with students, I always hope to hear that I have inspired them to become lifetime learners and self-teachers.”

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“Faiman is clearly a brilliant pianist...[his] music drew cheers from the Foellinger audience. I hope we hear more of his music soon.”
by John Frayne The Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette (Commissioned Concerto for Ian Hobson/Sinfonia da Camera)